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George Anca - Traduceri în engleză din volumul de poeme "Dumnezeu şi umbră", de Mariana Gurza
Silent tears

Your silent tears silent
I gathered in crystal cups.
You're beautiful!
I wished to give him, to the loved one,
mysterious elixir of endless longing.
"Love," the flower of true life,
envelops you and seethes
and now in tender turmoil
when we are all sadder...
Breeze today is a balm
like in each spring
love tear has put its kiss
in the heart of that who kneels
daring to love as they do
years in a row,
kissing, without seeing, your footsteps,
his mind is full of love,
the love being you;
His "I" is everywhere
as we feel it;
his eyes sad, sad for too much love,
wander in the middle of the night looking for
Only eternal God can rival
the great love of his life ...

Honey, I'll be your shadow

I still hope
to have a temporary departure,
to come back,
and be the young woman from the dream.
To tell you: See, I did not die,
I didn't want to leave you
alone with my shadow!
Although the death
is just a road...
I'll never ever die
It's all a simulacrum
of death.
It's just charade.

The falling of stars

The passage of time frightens me
I do not know whom I should fear -
the lost youth
or old age.
I try to fly between the two
protecting my wings
from the nights' cold
and the rivers' rumble.
The falling of stars,
I perceive it as the flow
of an hourglass...
I grasp a star or another
tucking it away behing a cloud
that some day I'll find it once more...

Let us not wander

Your sadness is also mine
Sad eyes show my
Lord, where was I wrong?
Each day, a new ascent
Lord, my hope
Let us not get lost!

Prayer I carry in me

Today, I'm caught in the darkness
Just prayer I carry in me
Unknown between shadows
I beg you to forgive my faults...
I'm just an offshoot
Of thy vine God
Strengthen me in faith
Raise me through the Sacraments
Lord, do not remove us
Have mercy and forgiveness
We got stuck in the mud
By vanities and handling...



Sursa: Mariana Gurza, 2016